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Teri James Photography

Bison Canvas Wall Art - Brown & Sepia Tone Western Decor

Bison Canvas Wall Art - Brown & Sepia Tone Western Decor

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Bison Canvas Wall Art: A Winter Scene

Explore the quiet strength of winter with our Bison Canvas Wall Art. This piece showcases a bull bison, captured in detailed brown tones, as it makes its way through a snowy landscape. It’s a compelling addition that brings a touch of nature’s resilience into your space.

Options for Your Bison Canvas Wall Art:

Unframed Solid Face Canvas Print:

  • This canvas print highlights a bull bison moving through snow, its brown tones standing out against the white background.
  • Built for longevity, it features a backing behind the canvas fabric to ensure the artwork stays tight and vibrant for years.
  • Canvases are built with a solid, supported face which prevents sagging and warping over time.
  • With a thickness of 1.25" and clean edges, this canvas is ready to hang and becomes an instant point of interest in any room.

Framed Solid Face Canvas Print:

  • Add a bit more character to the bison image with a frame that brings out the natural colors and setting of the artwork.
  • The framed version also has a durable backing to maintain the canvas's appearance and quality.
  • At 1.75" thick, the frame not only showcases the bison’s walk but also fits well with any decor. Ready to hang, it simplifies adding a natural element to your decor.

Paper Print:

  • Offers the flexibility of a paper print that captures the detailed moment of the bison in snow, ideal for custom framing to match your style.
  • A great option for those who wish to personalize their display.

Mounted Print:

  • Especially suitable for larger displays, the mounted print option ensures the artwork remains in top condition, free from damage.
  • It stands out for its clarity and impact, making a strong statement in any setting.

Our Bison Canvas Wall Art captures a powerful moment in nature, showcasing the resilience of wildlife during winter. Each piece is crafted with care, intended to bring a piece of the natural world into your living or working environment.

Looking for more information or something a bit different? Reach out to us. We’re eager to help you find the perfect piece of wall art to capture the beauty and strength of the wild.

Copyright Teri James 2023: All rights reserved, ensuring this distinctive depiction of a winter journey remains a unique and valued piece.


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Always beautiful

Great as always. I have purchased three canvas from Teri.

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