Longhorn & Black Angus Cattle - Horses - Bison - Old Barns & Windmills


Welcome to my world of photography, where I showcase stunning large western wall art inspired by my roots in an Oklahoma cattle ranch. Specializing in unique, high-quality canvas prints, I bring the essence of the western lifestyle and country scenery to your home.
Immerse yourself in my collection featuring Texas Longhorn and Black Angus cattle, picturesque old barns, and elegant windmills - perfect additions to any rustic or western decor. Admire the beauty of horses and the majesty of American Bison captured in my images.
Don't forget to explore my patriotic canvas wall art, a popular choice for those who love to display their national pride. Browse my collections, and feel free to contact me for any inquiries or custom orders. Experience the charm of the West through my lens and transform your living space with my exceptional large western wall art.

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Let me do a mockup of my art on YOUR wall!

Discover the perfect fit for your wall! I can create a "mockup" of my photography in your space using just a photo of your room and a measurement of any object within it. This tool simplifies the decision-making process, allowing you to visualize the ideal size for your wall art.
Don't hesitate to contact me for a personalized mockup and elevate your interior design with my large western wall art. Experience the ease and convenience of finding the perfect piece to complement your unique style and taste.

Holy customer service!

Teri will hold your hand every step of the way. She wants her customers to be happy. Make sure you have her do a mock up of the picture in the room you will be hanging it. That is an amazing tool and it will result in no surprises once you receive your beautiful artwork. If you see something you love (I saw several!), don’t hesitate. What a wonderful addition to my makeover room! Also - the packaging is top notch, as well. I’m so happy I found Teri’s sweet business! ♥️ Sheri