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Teri James Photography

Western Decor Bison Painting

Western Decor Bison Painting

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Western Decor Bison Painting: Rustic Elegance

Elevate your space with our Western Decor Bison Painting, a striking depiction of a bull bison’s side profile, including its face, head, and shoulders. Set against a textured background, this piece is enhanced with a painting effect that adds depth and character, perfect for anyone looking to add the spirit of the west to their home.

Options for Your Bison Painting:

Unframed Solid Face Canvas Print:

  • This option showcases the bull bison in rich detail against a creatively textured backdrop.
  • The canvas is reinforced with a solid backing behind the canvas fabric to maintain the artwork’s form and quality, ensuring it captures the rustic charm of the Western decor for years to come.
  • With a thickness of 1.25" and polished edges, this canvas is prepped and ready to hang.

Framed Solid Face Canvas Print:

  • Framing the bison painting elevates the artwork, making the textures and painting effect stand out even more.
  • Like the unframed version, it comes with a durable backing to keep the canvas looking its best.
  • The frame, at 1.75" thick, not only adds to the artwork’s visual appeal but also seamlessly integrates with any Western-themed decor. It’s delivered ready to hang.

Paper Print:

  • A paper print version captures the same detailed view and artistic effect, offering versatility for those who prefer to choose their own framing to match their decor.
  • It’s an excellent choice for customizing the look of your Western decor, allowing for a personalized touch.

Mounted Print:

  • Ideal for a lasting display, especially in larger sizes, the mounted print ensures the painting’s intricate details and texture effects are preserved over time.
  • This robust option is notable for its visual impact, drawing attention to the bison’s profile and the artwork’s unique background.

Our Western Decor Bison Painting combines the raw beauty of nature with artistic flair, making it a standout addition to any Western-inspired interior. Designed with care, this painting captures the essence of the wild and the timeless appeal of Western art.

If you have any questions or are looking for something slightly different, please reach out. We're dedicated to helping you find the perfect piece to complete your Western decor vision.

Copyright Teri James 2023: All rights reserved, preserving the integrity and artistry of this special bison depiction for those who appreciate the rugged beauty of Western themes.


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This canvas is BEAUTIFUL! Looks great over our fireplace, lots of compliments on it. Thank you!

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