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Teri James Photography

Home is Where the Herd Is - Black Angus Inspirational Canvas

Home is Where the Herd Is - Black Angus Inspirational Canvas

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Home is Where the Herd Is: Black Angus Cattle Canvas Print

Transform your space with the rustic charm of our "Home is Where the Herd Is" canvas print. Showcasing a small herd of Black Angus cattle beneath a clear blue sky, this piece is complemented by the inspirational message "Home is Where the Herd Is," making it an emblem of country living. Ideal for homes that cherish a close connection with nature and the heartfelt aspects of rural life, it brings a sense of warmth and authenticity to any setting.

Perfect for Country-Inspired Spaces:

This artwork is a fitting choice for anyone who appreciates the countryside's appeal and lifestyle. Featuring Black Angus cattle set against the backdrop of an Oklahoma sky, the piece is a nod to pastoral life and the importance of home and community.

Artwork Display Options:

Solid Face Canvas Print:

  • Detailed and vibrant, this option uses high-quality canvas to portray the Black Angus cattle and the expansive sky, supported by a solid backing to ensure longevity and visual impact.
  • Prepped for immediate hanging with a 1.25" thickness and polished edges, it introduces an element of the great outdoors to your indoor decor seamlessly.

Float Framed Solid Face Canvas Print:

  • This variant adds a layer of elegance with a solid wood frame that complements the canvas, enhancing the visual appeal of the scene. The durable backing keeps the canvas fabric tight and the image pristine.
  • Ready to hang and at 1.75" thick, it beautifully merges rustic and refined styles, making it a prominent feature in any room.

Photo Print:

  • Opt for the photo print to achieve sharp detail and exceptional clarity, allowing for custom framing that aligns with your decor. This flexibility ensures the artwork perfectly suits your space and style.
  • Note: This option requires framing, enabling you to tailor the final presentation to your liking.

Mounted Photo Print:

  • The mounted photo print offers a sturdy and impactful display, especially recommended for larger sizes to maintain the artwork's condition and visual quality.
  • As with the photo print, framing is needed, presenting an opportunity to customize the aesthetic to complement your home’s decor.

A Homely Addition With a Message:

Our "Home is Where the Herd Is" canvas print does more than decorate; it resonates with the values of countryside living and the bond within a community or family. It’s an inspirational piece that fills your home with a sense of peace, belonging, and the simple joy of being where the heart truly feels at home.

For more information or to discuss customization options, please reach out. We are eager to assist in bringing this meaningful piece into your space, ensuring it reflects your love for the rural lifestyle and the essence of being home with your herd.

Copyright Teri James 2023: All rights reserved, ensuring this heartfelt depiction of Black Angus cattle under a blue sky with "Home is Where the Herd Is" remains a unique and cherished addition to your home, celebrating the spirit of rural living and community.

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