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Austin Texas Longhorn Art in Black and White

Austin Texas Longhorn Art in Black and White

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Austin Texas Longhorn Art: A Bold Statement in Black and White

Bring the iconic Texas spirit into your home with our Austin Texas Longhorn Art. This piece features a closeup photo of a longhorn bull's face and horn, captured in stunning black and white. The detail and intensity of the longhorn's gaze are front and center, making this artwork a powerful tribute to Texas' beloved symbol. Ideal for anyone who appreciates the raw beauty of nature and the enduring legacy of Texas.

Options for Your Austin Texas Longhorn Art:

Solid Face Canvas Print:

  • Showcases the longhorn bull in detailed black and white, emphasizing the textures and contours of its face and horn.
  • Crafted on high-quality canvas, this art piece is designed to preserve the depth and clarity of the image.
  • Canvases are built with a solid, supported face which prevents sagging and warping over time.
  • The canvas is 1.25" thick with clean, polished edges, ready to hang and make a statement in any room.

Framed Solid Face Canvas Print:

  • The framed version adds an extra layer of sophistication, with a frame that complements the black and white photo perfectly.
  • At 1.75" thick, the frame enhances the artwork’s presence, making it an even more striking piece of decor.
  • Comes ready to hang, providing an immediate impact and a straightforward way to express your Texas pride.

Paper Print:

  • This option presents the longhorn bull in the same captivating detail on premium paper, offering versatility for framing.
  • Choose a frame that matches your style and space to personalize your display of this iconic Texas imagery.

Mounted Print:

  • A durable, long-lasting choice that highlights the stunning contrast and fine details of the longhorn's face and horn.
  • Perfect for those looking for a more robust option to showcase their love for the Texas longhorn.

Our Austin Texas Longhorn Art is more than just a piece of decor; it’s a homage to the spirit and beauty of Texas. With attention to detail, this artwork captures the essence of the Austin longhorn, making it a bold addition to any space.

Have a specific idea in mind or questions about our artwork? We’re here to ensure you find the perfect expression of your admiration for the Texas longhorn.

Copyright Teri James 2023: All rights reserved, protecting the uniqueness and integrity of this captivating artwork.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Absolutely perfect! Adds just the right amount of ranch to our chic city condo.

Very happy!

I cannot say enough positive things about Teri. My longhorn picture, unfortunately, had a hole punched in it by the delivery driver (on accident, of course). Teri quickly handled it professionally by re-ordering me a new one at no additional charge. She has been lightining fast on communication, and the longhorn photo I got was absolutely awesome. Highly recommended!

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